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On-line Registration for Fall 2014 is now closed

Limited Spaces are available for Late Registration; please email hba@humblebaseball.com

Deadline for League Refund is Wednesday, August 20 at 5:00 pm - Must be in writing and emailed to hba@humblebaseball.com

 League Games will begin September 15

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HBA is proud of our affiliation with the Houston Astros.

The Humble Baseball Association email address is hba@humblebaseball.com


 As of August 1, 2012, all bats used in HBA LEAGUE  OR TOURNAMENTS must meet the below standards

  1. In ages 13U and below bats with the new BPF 1.15 stamp (on the transition area between the barrel and handle) is legal, regardless of weight and composition. 
  2. Bats cannot have the words "coach pitch, t-ball" or "softball" anywhere on the bat.
  3. Bats with the old Little League approved stamp (2 ¼” barrel, no composite) on the barrel under the manufacturers model name, will be legal until July 31, 2011. 
  4. In 14U bats must either be a BPF 1.15 -5 bat OR a BBCOR bat (BESR -3 bats are not legal). 
  5. 15U and above must use a NFHS (high school) legal BBCOR bat).


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